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forum responses now being emailed
As of this morning I am getting tons of emails from previous forum responses to my posts, which is ...
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Thread Author: abwillingham Replies: 17 Last Post: Sep 11, 2022 5:51:38 PM
by abwillingham
An Algorithm that uses Correlations Once You have Found Them
All, There has been a lot of discussion about finding correlations in the forum recently. Here ...
Thread Author: Jrinne Replies: 2 Last Post: Sep 11, 2022 11:46:51 AM
by Jrinne
Help me to remember the url of a site
Hi, some time ago on this forum I read about a journalist (or investor), that on his blog (or ...
Thread Author: piravi Replies: 3 Last Post: Sep 11, 2022 11:23:08 AM
by geov
When do monthly API credits reset?
Do the monthly API credits reset on the 1st of each month or is it based on when your subscription ...
Thread Author: abwillingham Replies: 1 Last Post: Sep 10, 2022 8:53:20 AM
by feldy
How to follow a live EU strategy and manually trade it in IBRK linked account
I have an interactive brokers linked account (automatic trading works only in US). Now, in my IBRK ...
Thread Author: sraby Replies: 3 Last Post: Sep 9, 2022 2:41:11 PM
by yuvaltaylor
Is there any method to ensure that the stocks that make up a portfolio are not too highly correlated?
I understand that this can be partially achieved by spreading across different sectors, but is ...
Thread Author: Whycliffes Replies: 4 Last Post: Sep 9, 2022 9:17:21 AM
by yuvaltaylor
EU paper trading account
I created a paper trading account based on a live EU strategy. I noticed that the performance ...
Thread Author: sraby Replies: 2 Last Post: Sep 8, 2022 7:52:42 PM
by sraby
Expected Annualized Return
What is your expected annualized return from your model/simulation/back testing, say 5 years ...
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Thread Author: sthorson Replies: 11 Last Post: Sep 8, 2022 5:55:12 PM
by sthorson
Stock formula for EPS#Positive as a factor
Greetings all, I've been trying to replicate the EPS#Positive formula by hand, but cannot ...
Thread Author: Victor1991 Replies: 3 Last Post: Sep 8, 2022 12:56:53 PM
by Victor1991
Assigning point values (3 buckets) for a composite node (Core: Growth) in ranking system
I just upgraded from a screener to a backtest membership and am working on developing better ...
Thread Author: travhopp2 Replies: 1 Last Post: Sep 7, 2022 3:38:16 PM
by danp
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