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EU paper trading account
I created a paper trading account based on a live EU strategy. I noticed that the performance ...
sraby 2 Sep 8, 2022 7:52:42 PM
by sraby
Are Ranking trees pruned when nodes are given zero weight?
Hi, While evaluating a complex ranking system, I gave some nodes a zero weight. As a ...
WalterW 2 Sep 6, 2022 3:02:27 PM
by marco
Universe selection for ETFs and CEFs reverts to "All ETFs" even if "All CEFs" is chosen
It looks like the universe selection for ETFs and CEFs reverts to "All ETFs" even if ...
reformedtrader 1 Sep 6, 2022 5:41:05 AM
by valmarv
Formula weight rebalancing yielding error when it shouldn't
My weight formula is a max, eg. weight = max(formula,1) and hence can only be positive. And yet ...
philjoe 4 Sep 2, 2022 7:39:11 AM
by philjoe
Rolling Backtest not available on the Screener
P123 folks, It may be something I am doing wrong, but I am trying to duplicate the results in ...
carymac07 2 Sep 1, 2022 3:08:14 PM
by carymac07
Simulation Buy/Sell rule display
This looks odd. Sims still run. EDIT: Firefox under OSX.
WalterW 1 Aug 30, 2022 5:47:32 AM
by valmarv
Inconsistent stats
The portfolio summary page is showing inconsistent stats. This is a big problem for me in ...
InspectorSector 1 Aug 27, 2022 11:35:52 AM
by valmarv
Aggregate Series not updating
Today is Saturday Aug-27, 10:50 am Eastern Time. Aggregate Series last values are for Thursday ...
geov 2 Aug 27, 2022 11:25:00 AM
by geov
Compare - Internal error while attempting to retrieve similar stocks
'Compare' is reporting 'Internal error while attempting to retrieve similar ...
WalterW 3 Aug 23, 2022 12:05:32 PM
by marco
Problem with statistics after running any simulation
I just noticed that the performance tab looks a bit strange after performing (any) simulation: some ...
test_user 3 Aug 20, 2022 11:14:14 AM
by geov
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