Each user receives one 21-day trial membership ("Trial"). An email verification and credit card are required to start the Trial. There is a non-refundable $9 USD charge for the Trial. There are no commitments to buy once the Trial expires. Your Trial will simply expire.

Becoming a Paying Subscriber

During the Trial period, you can chose to become a paying subscriber by selecting the desired membership level and confirming your billing information. Your Trial will be terminated immediately, and your first payment will be billed according to the membership plan selected. Once you become a Paying Subscriber, your subscription will automatically renew when due.

We define New Subscribers as those who have not had an active, paid Portfolio123 account for at least two years.


You may cancel at any time.
Portfolio123 reserves the right to cancel your membership at any time.

Monthly subscriptions will not be refunded and will instead continue for the full remaining term of the subscription. Future automatic renewals will be cancelled.

Portfolio123 does not offer any refunds or account credit for any memberships or membership add-ons.

When upgrading to a higher cost membership, the unused portion will be credited towards the upgrade. If you want to downgrade to a lower cost membership, you will first need to cancel the higher membership subscription according to the Cancellation terms.

Membership Entitlements & Add-Ons
The nature of your right to access and use the site is governed by the category of membership (Free, Retail Investor [Screener, Backtest, Portfolio, Ultimate], High-Net-Worth Investor, Asset Manager (Professional), Research, Educational) chosen by you, with each category having its own sets of entitlements and fees as set forth in our Pricing schedule which is incorporated herein by reference. In some situations, a particular category of membership is associated with a specified number of occurrences, such as but not limited to the licensing of a specified number of Designer Models to others. The Company reserves the right to allow you to exceed the category-based number of occurrences (for example, to allow you to license more Designer Models than your membership tier allows) with an accompanying adjustment to your membership fee, the details of which will be disclosed to you before you fully implement the additional occurrence(s). Your decision to utilize any such additional occurrences (for example, your decision to introduce more Designer Models than the number provide for in your membership category) after disclosure of the associated subscription fee adjustments constitutes your consent to adjustment of your subscription price as per the terms disclosed to you when you undertake additional occurrences.

Portfolio123 reserves the right to verify that you've selected the appropriate account type, be it retail investor, high-net-worth investor, money manager, asset manager, advisor, research provider, university administrator, or university professor. Professionals are limited to our professional membership levels which are different from our retail investor membership levels. If you are found in violation of this policy, you will receive an email from our compliance team in which the following will apply:
If you have a monthly retail investor membership, you will have until the end of the monthly term before your retail investor membership is cancelled and cannot be renewed.
If you have an annual retail investor membership, you will have 21 (twenty-one) days from date of compliance notification before your retail investor membership is cancelled and cannot be renewed. You will receive a credit on your account as calculated by the following: annual subscribers will receive a prorated account credit for the time remaining in the Subscription Period only if they are found to be violating this policy. The amount used will be calculated as the undiscounted monthly subscription rate multiplied by 12 multiplied by the number of days your subscription was active divided by 365. This calculation will be deducted from the original annual subscription cost to determine the account credit amount.

Portfolio123 reserves the right to change this policy at any time without any notification.